Bar Mitzvahs – Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

Host your son’s Bar Mitzvah aboard one of the Stella’s Toronto harbour cruises. A Bar Mitzvah is the most important rite of passage in the life of a Jewish male. Bar Mitzvah literally means Son of Commandment, signifying that now as a man in the eyes of the congregation he is responsible for observing the commandments of the Torah. Although we refer to having a Bar Mitzvah, in reality a Jewish boy becomes Bar Mitzvah. On the Sabbath following his 13th birthday, the Bar Mitzvah is called up to the Torah to read a portion from the biblical prophets, called the Haftorah. And then we celebrate!

Planning a Bar Mitzvah should be a joyous and worry-free occasion. Let our professional event planners take care of the details and worry for you. We stay on top of the latest trends in Bar Mitzvahs and work with first class vendors who are reliable and produce an excellent product. The Stella provides excellent value for budget conscious people who don’t want to overdo and overspend. Bar Mitzvahs tend to be a little more low key these days. A trend in Bar Mitzvahs that is becoming more important is the green Bar Mitzvah. With a few subtle changes you can join the eco-friendly trend in entertaining.

  • Purchase Bar Mitzvah invitations that are made from recycled paper or use electronic invitations.
  • If possible buy locally grown, organic flowers or potted plants and after the Bar Mitzvah donate the flowers to a hospital.
  • Wrap food baskets as gifts and use them as centrepieces instead of flowers.
  • Opt for food that is organic. There are a variety of Kosher meat and poultry options. Donate leftovers to organizations that provide food for the hungry.

Contact us today and let’s start planning your son’s Bar Mitzvah party.
Mazel Tov!