Bridal Teas and Lunches

Add a little spice to your bridal luncheons and bridal teas. The Stella is an exciting nautical venue, ideal for bridal showers of all styles. Bridal luncheons and bridal teas were traditionally hosted by the maid of honour two to six weeks prior to the wedding. Old school rules about bridal showers no longer apply and anyone close to the bride may host a bridal luncheon or bridal tea. The date is selected based on what works best for the invited guests. If many are out-of-towners, the bridal entertainment may be held very close to the wedding to accommodate travel schedules.

The Stella has the appearance and the amenities of an exclusive private yacht, yet it is surprisingly affordable. We offer afternoon and evening Toronto harbour cruises from April to October for groups of up to 340 guests. Our professional event planners can advise you on some of our most popular bridal shower themes including:

  • Lingerie Bridal Showers - guests bring lingerie for the bride and groom (if the men are invited)
  • Alphabet Bridal Showers –guests are assigned a letter and must buy a gift that begins with the assigned letter
  • We Love Wine – guests bring wine or wine accessories
  • Around the Clock Bridal Showers – guests are assigned a time of day and bring a gift that would be used at the time of day assigned
  • We Love to Cook – guests bring anything that can be used in the kitchen

One of the most interesting trends in bridal showers is the inclusion of men into what was the exclusive domain of women. The next time that you plan a bridal luncheon or bridal tea, invite the men as well. Contact us today and reserve the date.