Halloween Boat Party Toronto

Get in the spirit and host your own private devilishly delicious Halloween boat party in Toronto aboard the Stella Borealis or purchase tickets to our public Halloween cruises.

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For private cruises (minimum guests 275, max 340) please. contact us

Halloween is a great North American tradition, which many historians date back to All Souls' Day parades in England. However, the Halloween tradition of dressing up in costumes originated in Europe several hundred years ago. People believed that on Halloween ghosts roamed the world and the only way to avoid being recognized by a ghost was to wear a mask and fool the ghost into believing that you were a ghost as well. Over the years our traditions have evolved from superstitious fear to unmitigated fun. Halloween is now a tradition that is enjoyed by all ages and generations. In fact, Halloween has evolved from a tradition reserved for children to a much more adult oriented holiday. The more technological life becomes, the more that we crave pure fun. Halloween parties have become so popular that the only time of the year that there are more parties is on New Year’s Eve.

She has been the scene of some frightful adult only monster bashes. Available exclusively for private charters and public Halloween cruises we can accommodate 340 of your closest ghouls, goblins, witches, warlocks, and any other masked and costumed creatures that you care to invite. We’ve got a wicked DJ that really rocks the boat, and our fantastic event planners can create the Halloween party of your nightmares – terrifying décor, bloody beverages, fantastic Halloween food ideas, costume contests, games, photographer/videographer to record the madness for posterity, and lots of fun. The Stella’s Halloween Cruises are incredibly affordable, even for the most budget conscious client.