Lunch Cruise

Lunch Cruises Details

$94.95 + 15% house service charge + HST

Lunch Cruise

DJ and Dancing

11:30 a.m. Boarding

12:00 p.m. Departure

3:00 p.m. Ship returns

Lunch Cruises Menu

  • Caesar Salad

    Classic romaine, tossed with creamy dressing parmesan cheese, croutons

  • Freshly Barbequed Chicken Kebabs
    (2 per guest)

    Tender pieces of Fresh Chicken Breast marinated with salt, pepper, ginger and fresh herbs, served with our home-made sauce

  • Rolls & Butter
  • Miniature Tarts, Squares & Cookies
  • Coffee & Tea
  • On our Public cruises:
    • Our chicken is NOT halal and we use wine in our food preparation.
    • We do NOT accommodate dietary requests under any circumstances.
      If you wish to bring a plate for yourself that is OK but there is no reduction in the ticket price. We can heat your food for you in our Microwave oven.